What We Do

We help our clients plan unique vacations with a focus on accessibility issues and special needs.

Personalized Itineraries

We offer personalized trip planning services. During an initial consultation, we get to understand your needs and dreams. Then we'll get to work planning your vacation! We make recommendations for flights, local transportation, accommodations, tours, restaurants, attractions, and special events. Once things are finalized, we provide custom maps and a written itinerary. We also help you save money by making best use of your airline miles or credit card points.

While we can make certain arrangements like dinner reservations and some tours, we do not sell or book accommodations or airline tickets.

Accessibility Support

We provide advice and logistical planning for your accessibility needs while traveling. We recommend providers like airlines or hotels based on their accessibility services. And then we coordinate with them to ensure their policies and processes are followed and your needs are met. We can also help you rent medical or assistive devices at home or abroad. And we help you obtain travel insurance, which can sometimes be tricky if you have a pre-existing condition.

We work hard to take the hassle out of accessible travel planning.